Product Care

Correct use for TILLIV Compak Series:

● Best used to pack soft clothes, linen and down / puffer jackets

● Not meant for compression of hard objects

● Compression results may vary (depending on the material of clothes)

● Vacuum packs are designed to reduce space, not weight


● TILLIV is not responsible for any damage caused to any clothes, equipment or property from the use of this product.

Store flat with zipper closed. Do not bend / kink zipper as this will affect airtight integrity. Compak Vacuum Packs must be hand-washed only (not machine-washed) at low temperatures, without soap, and wipe/air-dry indoors only. Do not wring or dry in the sun. Do not use alcohol or chemicals to clean.

● This bag is not a toy. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children.

● Keep away from direct heat, flames, and sharp objects.

● The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor.

Using TILLIV Compak Series for the first time:

Compak Vacuum Packs are designed for you to pack and compress soft clothing/belongings. TILLIV Compak Series incorporates an airtight zipper which can be tight when new. You will feel resistance on opening the zipper the first time. Pull steadily and once completely open, use TILLIV Zipper Lubricant Wipes to lubricate each size of the zipper. Slide steadily open and close 5 times and you're ready to go!

Pack and ensure the zipper is completely zipped to the end. Each Compak Vacuum Pack has one-way air valve. Remove the cap and apply the correct adaptor to TILLIV Nano Pump 2 (see packaging). Apply the adaptor end of TILLIV Nano Pump 2 to the air valve until you hear a click. Double tap the start button and watch Compak compress away! Once complete, simply double tap the start button and remove TILLIV Nano Pump 2. Close the cap on the air valve.

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